Situated at an elevation of 3,077 feet and only 15 miles north of Bend, Oregon is the city of Redmond, Oregon. Redmond is one of the fastest growing communities in Oregon, enjoying an exponential population growth of 8% annually.

The area wasn’t always flourishing at such a rate. When founder Frank T. Redmond settled in the area in 1905 the population only grew to 1000 residents by 1930 after electricity and the Oregon Trunk Railway were firmly established. However, the population suddenly began to rapidly increase in the 1990s thanks to the areas lower cost of living and several lucrative employment opportunities.

The majority of the approximately 27,000 residents who reside in Redmond either commute South to Bend for their job or work in one of the many manufacturing or service industry-related occupations available in the area, such as the Redmond Airport, PCC-Schlosser, The Consumer Cellular call center (formerly T-Mobile USA) and the Eagle Crest Resort.

When not at work, the environment that surrounds Redmond provides many exciting recreational opportunities, from hiking, mountain biking and rock climbing to fishing and white-water rafting to even skiing in the cooler months.

Protecting The Interests of Redmond Residents

Every year thousands of cyclists are injured either while mountain biking or while traveling on the road. While some injuries may result in scratches and bruises, many leave cyclists with painful long term injuries or can even prove to be fatal.

Determining Who’s Liable After a Cycling Accident

Many cyclists don’t come forward and seek proper compensation for their injuries because they’re under the impression that they are at fault. While under the state’s Rules of the Road cyclists are expected to obey the very same traffic rules as vehicles, drivers of cars and trucks must follow additional guidelines that have been designed to protect cyclists:

  • Drivers of vehicles must be on the left hand side of a cyclists when passing and maintain a safe distance when doing so. Drivers can only return to their original lane once they are a safe distance away from a cyclist
  • Drivers of vehicles must yield to cyclists in both the bike lane and on the sidewalk
  • Prohibitions are in place regarding reckless vehicular assault of cyclists

Many of these accidents are not only the result of a driver’s negligence (which can include intoxication, distracted driving or aggressive driving), but are also often the result of roads being in a state of disrepair.

The personal injury attorneys of Dwyer Williams Cherkoss, PC have dedicated years to protecting Redmond residents from any further harm that may result from a cycling accident. If you or another cyclists has been injured in an accident, we invite you to personally visit one of our offices throughout Oregon or to give us a call at 541-617-0555 for a free consultation.

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