Will My Premiums Go Up If I Make an Oregon PIP Claim?

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Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is insurance that can help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, funeral expenses and some household expenses.  It is available to the occupants of an automobile following an automobile collision.

In most cases, the insurance paying the PIP claim is the accident victim’s own insurance, or the insurance of a family member or friend.  Many automobile accident victims, therefore, are concerned about the effect of making a PIP claim.  The first question is always, “will my premiums go up if I make a PIP claim?”  The answer is no.

PIP is no-fault insurance.  It is designed to help, in a relatively quickly timeframe, people who incur medical bills or lose time from work because of an automobile accident.  It is important because making a liability claim (a claim against the negligent driver) will usually take more time.  In some cases, like a single car accident, there may not be any claim possible.

Part of the purpose of PIP, therefore, is to take some of the worry away from the immediate effects of an automobile collision.  One way to encourage people to make PIP claims is to guarantee that premiums will not increase.  This way, an insured person will not hesitate to make a PIP claim.  Likewise, someone injured in an accident will have no reason to withhold a PIP claim when the insured is a friend or family member, because the claim will have no effect on the premiums.

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