Pedestrian Walks Away from Personal Injury Case with Settlement

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Our client, an elderly lady, was crossing the street in Medford, Oregon at an intersection, headed to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions and a few necessities. She was using the crosswalk and had a walk signal and, clearly, the right of way. Pedestrian Injury Attorney | Oregon | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Unfortunately, a driver failed to see her crossing the street and hit her with his car. The police were called almost immediately. When they arrived on the scene, she was clearly shaken up by the accident but told them that she wasn’t injured. As the day wore on, however, she began to feel pain and discomfort clearly associated with the accident. Several hours after the accident, she sought medical treatment at a local urgent care office.

When she attempted to file a claim for her medical expenses, the insurance company denied her, because she’d initially told the officer responding to her accident that she was uninjured. Frustrated at the insurance company’s refusal to work with her, she called us, to get help in settling her pedestrian injury case.

After taking the case, I evaluated her claim and sent the insurance carrier all of her accident-related medical records and bills. I also got their attention by sending them a letter reminding them of the provisions under Oregon statute 20.080 that hold the insurance company liable for any unresolved claims, plus attorney fees. As usual, that letter got the insurance company to the negotiating table. They made a settlement offer that was at the top of the
range I had set for this case. We settled, and the client was able to cover her medical expenses.

If you’ve been injured in a pedestrian accident in Oregon and can’t get the insurance company to settle your claim, we can help. One of our expert Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 541-617-0555

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