Oregon Woman Dies in Car Crash: Driver Under Influence of Marijuana

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The cause of a recent fatal crash on I-5 in Turnwater, Washington, has been discovered. The driver of the car that caused the auto accident was under the influence of marijuana. He has been charged with vehicular homicide and driving under the influence.

The man was driving at 5:39 in the morning at a speed exceeding 100 miles per hour according to law enforcement. His car crashed into another car driven by a 43-year-old woman from Oregon. Her car rolled into a ditch, and she died as a result of the crash.

During an accident investigation, law enforcement officials smelled marijuana on the driver of the suspect vehicle. They obtained a search warrant for a blood test to determine whether the driver was under the influence of drugs at the time of the crash.

Marijuana Played a Role in Crash

While there is an ongoing legal battle to make marijuana legal, and while it has been legalized in several states including Oregon, people often forget that it is a drug that has mind-altering properties.

According to a Washington law enforcement official, people tend to forget that they can be impaired by the use of marijuana. Driving while under the influence of this drug can result in serious accidents, including ones such as this that result in fatalities.

The man who caused the crash has been prohibited from using controlled substances. He is being held on $30,000 bail.

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