No Stop Signs on the Road to Settlement

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It was a beautiful Saturday in Portland, Oregon, and our client was taking his new dog to the dog park for the first time. He was just around the corner from the park when another driver ran a stop sign, hitting the front of the driver’s side of his car. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys He didn’t feel like he was seriously injured, so he and the other driver exchanged the necessary information, and our client called a tow truck to come take his car to the shop and a friend picked him and the dog up from the scene and took them home. The next day, he woke up with neck pain that he realized must be from the accident. Although he hadn’t felt injured at the time of the accident, the impact was beginning to take its toll. He got to his doctor’s office and found out that he would need medical treatment.

After undergoing medical treatment for a long 13 months, he had lost over $10,000 in wages due to the restrictions on his physical movement because of his injury and had $5,000 in bills for the damage done to his car, plus medical expenses. He filed a claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, but they offered only $7,000. That offer was unsatisfactory to our client, so he called us, experienced auto accident attorneys.

I reviewed his medical records and account of the accident and undertook several rounds of negotiating with the insurance company. Despite our evidence and facts, they didn’t bring their offer up to what I considered a fair amount. Because we stop at nothing to get our clients the settlements they deserve, I moved ahead with the next logical step and filed a lawsuit on my client’s behalf. An attorney for the insurance company took his deposition, and we set up mediation to try again to resolve the claim. After meeting with the mediator, the insurance company offered the policy limits and the case was settled for a fair amount. Our client was happy with the settlement and, with his injury healed, was able to resume his normal life.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident that has resulted in medical expenses, lost wages, or pain and suffering that the insurance company won’t reimburse you for fairly, we can help. One of our expert Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 541-617-0555

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