For Motorcyclists the Right Insurance Coverage is Essential

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Auto insurance policies in the state of Oregon automatically come with medical coverage, or PIP (Personal Injury Protection). Motorcycle policies, however, don’t include PIP unless you sign up for it – and it’s usually very affordable. This is often overlooked when purchasing your motorcycle insurance.

Many motorcycle accidents are actually the fault of the rider, or simply not caused by another party – running off the road due to distraction, animals running in the rider’s path, slick road conditions and excessive speed for the circumstances can all put a rider in the hospital, or worse. Because PIP is truly “No-fault” coverage, this can be very helpful in paying medical bills when there’s no one else to sue.

If you ride a motorcycle, make sure to check your insurance policy for PIP coverage, and if you don’t see it, check with your agent and get yourself covered. No one wants to be hurt twice in a motorcycle accident – once by injuries, and again by lack of help with medical bills! If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and need help from a trusted motorcycle accident lawyer, call Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC at 541-617-0555.



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