Motorcycling Off-Duty Officer Critically Injured in Accident

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In mid-August 2016, an off-duty sheriff for Clackamas County collided with a TriMet bus while operating his personal motorcycle.

The crash occurred shortly after 5:15pm, when the 2015 TriMet bus was heading southbound on 82nd Avenue and started to turn left onto Monterrey Avenue. The northbound 2016 Yamaha motorcycle being operated by the deputy then collided with the right side of the rear end of the bus.

Good Samaritans rushed to render medical aid to the injured deputy. Having sustained critical injuries, he was then transported by Life Flight to a nearby hospital.

Bus Driver Cited for Accident

The driver of the bus remained at the scene and cooperated with the investigators. After a brief investigation, the 58-year-old driver was cited for making a dangerous left turn.

Vehicles Turning Left are the Most Common Cause of Motorcycle Accidents

The most common type of accident a motorcyclist will find him or herself in is one involving a car turning left in front of you. There may be a number of reasons why these accidents are more likely to occur:

  • Drivers of other vehicles are not paying attention
  • Drivers of other vehicles are distracted
  • A motorcycle may be in a drivers’ blind spot
  • A driver may have difficulties perceiving a motorcyclist due to the size or the speed of the motorcycle

The majority of motorcycle accidents also take place in intersections where motorcycles may be less visible to other drivers on the road.

How Motorcyclists Can Protect Themselves

Drivers, riders, bicyclists, and pedestrians are obligated to be responsible and to be lawful. But one act of negligence can leave a motorcyclist critically injured or it may cost the rider his or her life because of the speed and lack of protection a motorcycle offers.

When approaching an intersection, a parking lot, or a driveway, slow down and cover your brakes so that you are prepared to take evasive action. If you have identified a threat, assess the situation and ask yourself questions such as if a driver is able to see you, if they are looking at you, and which way their wheels are pointing.

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