Motor Vehicle Rollover in Bend Oregon

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Driving a motor vehicle can be dangerous, especially in inclement weather that makes the road icy or reduces visibility. It isn’t uncommon for motor vehicles to roll over while driving. Anyone that drives assumes some personal liability associated with driving. All drivers owe it to each other to be as safe as possible. If someone you  were riding with caused the car to roll over and that accident directly caused your injury then they can be held responsible for their actions. The negligent person may need to compensate you for medical costs, loss of income, emotional distress and property damages.
In the case that the vehicle was rented, the company where it was rented from may say that it was regularly inspected. If it is the manufacturer’s fault for the injury then the renter will have to prove this. This is called strict liability for a consumer product and in order to prove this you need to prove all of these items:
•    Motor vehicle was defective which caused unreasonable danger to users
•    The motor vehicle was used for its intentional use only
•    Defect caused the injury
•    Injuries were suffered
Motor vehicles with higher clearance off the ground have an increased chance of a rolling over, for example SUVs. In the same conditions a passenger car has a 12% chance of rolling over, while a SUV has a 27% chance. These statistics are according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

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