Medford Woman Arrested for Elder Abuse

An Oregon woman has been arrested for allegedly abusing two elderly people in an effort to steal their money. The woman is now facing over 30 criminal felony charges stemming from her treatment of the victims. Read on to learn more about the case, and contact a skilled Oregon elder abuse attorney if you believe you or your loved one has been the victim of elder abuse.

Local woman attempts to kill elderly couple for financial gain

Medford resident Karin Boldt was arrested earlier this year on charges relating to elder abuse. The 55-year-old woman had been caring for two elderly people when a social worker and medical staff at a local hospital noticed that the victims’ rapid declines in health did not seem consistent with earlier medical diagnoses. It was then that police began investigating the victims’ conditions and uncovered the truly inhumane ways that Boldt had allegedly been treating the elderly couple. It’s alleged that Boldt, who had taken control of the pair’s finances, had stolen over half a million dollars from them, which she used to buy two properties. She then used powerful opiates to drug the couple and have them placed in hospice care. She is now facing charges of attempted murder, assault, theft, money laundering, criminal mistreatment of a financial nature, and criminal mistreatment of a physical nature.

Elder abuse can happen even to celebrities

Elder abuse can happen to anyone. Recently, comic book author and publisher Stan Lee has been in the news based on allegations of elder abuse lodged against his business partner. Lee, who is 95, recently took out a restraining order against Keya Morgan, a man who has taken an increasingly large role in Lee’s personal and professional life. During a welfare check being conducted by Los Angeles police officers and a social worker, Morgan called 911 to file a false report that Lee was being robbed. Morgan has allegedly pushed many people out of Lee’s life, including numerous employees, his long-time attorney, and his only daughter. Los Angeles detectives have been investigating elder abuse claims against Morgan since February of 2017, and they have even filed prior restraining orders barring Morgan from contacting Lee. Those close to Lee claim that Morgan is attempting to isolate Lee from those who care about him in order to take control of Lee’s finances and ensure that he stands to benefit from Lee’s $50 million fortune when he passes away. Lee claimed in a tweet that those claiming abuse against Morgan are “making that story up,” but interviews with Lee revealed that he was often unable to remember Morgan’s name when talking about him.

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