Medford Slip and Fall Injury Victim Makes Physical, Monetary Recovery

Our client in this Medford, Oregon, slip and fall injury case was injured while visiting her sister at the apartment complex in which her sister lived. Several hours after arriving, in the evening, our client went to retrieve some overnight items from her car.  Unbeknownst to her, the apartment complex had hired a company to trim some of the tree limbs around the complex. Unfortunately for all involved, the workers did not clean up properly and left tree limbs on the ground, in an unlit area near the parking lot. Our client did not see the loose tree limbs on the ground until it was too late: she stepped on one, fell, and was injured as a direct result.

Medford Oregon Slip and Fall Injury Attorneys

Despite being uninsured, our client needed immediate medical attention and she went to the hospital to be treated for her accident-related injuries. She contacted the experienced Oregon Premises Liability attorneys (legalese for “slip, trip, and fall” accident attorneys) at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Accident Injury Attorneys and asked us to represent her and help with her ongoing accident-related medical bills.

After sending out letters of representation, our dedicated premises liability attorney Arne Cherkoss learned that the apartment complex had a limited amount of no-fault medical insurance on the property. The complex’s insurance company immediately paid our client its medical limits. Next, we contacted our client’s providers and agreed to pay them out of the proceeds of the settlement for continuing to treat our client.

In the end, our client was able to get the treatment that she needed and to make a full recovery from her accident-related injuries.  After she was fully recovered, we settled her case for a fair value. Our client was more than happy with this outcome.

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