Medford, Oregon Pedestrian’s Personal Injury Accident Settled Favorably

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Our client was walking down the street when a car hit him, knocking him to the ground. Although the accident left our client seriously injured, the driver sped away from the scene.  Luckily, an observant witness was present at the scene of the accident and provided information for the police to locate the hit-and-run driver, who turned out to have a blood alcohol limit of nearly three times the legal limit.

Oregon Pedestrian Accident

Our client’s serious personal injury led to expensive medical bills which our client, who had no health insurance, could not pay. He contacted Dwyer Williams Cherkoss for a free consultation, in which he learned about his options for pursuing the case. Because we operate on a no-fee, no-win basis, the client felt he couldn’t afford not to hire us.

As soon as I took the client’s case, I contacted the driver’s insurance company and secured medical benefits for the client, enabling him to get the treatment he needed to recover from his injuries. Then, we discussed his claim, and I sent the insurance company a demand letter, along with the client’s medical records and bills. The insurance adjuster responded with an unsatisfactory low-ball settlement offer. I continued to fight for the client until the offer reached a fair range – the settlement our client deserved.

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