Man Sues Portland Club for Brain Injury

A man who was injured after a night out at a strip club is suing the club for damages arising from brain injury. The plaintiff went to the strip club together with three other business associates on the night of the incident. However, the night ended badly with the plaintiff and a female companion suffering injuries at the hands of other club patrons.

If you or a family member suffers from brain injury arising from an accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

Details of Incident

In his complaint for damages, the plaintiff stated that he and his companions had just emerged from the strip club and were waiting for a cab outside the club when another patron lifted one of his female companions off the sidewalk, hurting her as she fell to the ground.

The plaintiff tried to intervene when another drunken patron allegedly punched the plaintiff in the head. The plaintiff became unconscious as a result of the blow and suffered injuries including fractures to the face and skull, bleeding in his ears and near the brain, and traumatic brain injury that significantly affected his ability to eat, drink, and speak.

The plaintiff’s attacker fled the scene and has not been apprehended.

Claiming Compensation for Brain Injury

The Plaintiff based his claim for compensation on the strip club’s failure to provide adequate security on the sidewalk in front of the club, when it knew of the risks of violent assault to patrons of strip clubs.

For his brain injury, the plaintiff sought compensation in the amount of $500,000 in medical and rehabilitation costs, $50,000 in lost income, and the amount of $3.5 million for his noneconomic damages. Plaintiff’s wife also claims $500,000 for loss of companionship, support, service and comfort of her husband.

Under Oregon tort law, an injured party may be entitled to damages for brain injury suffered through the negligence of another person or entity. A personal injury attorney can assess your situation and provide advice on your legal options.

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