Largest Facility in California Sued for Nursing Home Neglect

Tim WilliamsElder Abuse

California’s largest chain of nursing homes is facing a lawsuit for elder abuse and nursing home neglect which resulted in the death of a patient in 2014. The case is only one of several complaints affecting other nursing home facilities operated by the same owner, including some on Oregon.

Case of Nursing Home Neglect

The lawsuit alleged that an elderly female patient was admitted to the facility in Los Angeles for rehabilitative care after she was hospitalized for chest pains. The complaint further alleged that the patient was admitted in good condition and had clear lungs.

Five weeks later, the patient was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. She had pneumonia, was dehydrated, and her body temperature was lower than 80 degrees. Doctors at the hospital suspected nursing home neglect which led to the death of the patient.

Investigation of the premises where the patient last stayed indicated nursing home neglect. A hidden camera recorded patients moaning without receiving any attention, and investigators said the center smelled like human waste.

Incidence of Nursing Home Neglect

Unfortunately, Oregon is no stranger to nursing home abuse, either.  Indeed, elder abuse is a widespread and growing problem in the United States. It occurs frequently in institutional settings such as nursing homes and other long-term care centers. In 2014, there were an estimated 1.4 million elderly residents in nursing facilities and long-term care centers.

The National Ombudsman Reporting Systems (NORS) showed that there were approximately 14,258 complaints of abuse, gross neglect and exploitation reports involving elderly nursing home residents. It is believed that many more incidents are unreported.

Nursing home neglect can have disastrous consequences on a patient who is often unable to communicate abuse or neglect to family or authorities. Many instances of neglect can lead to serious injuries such as fractures, broken bones, infections, malnutrition, and pneumonia which can be fatal to already weak and frail elderly persons.

If a loved one exhibits symptoms of nursing home neglect or you have reason to believe abuse or neglect of a loved one, taking immediate action against neglect or abuse can help save your loved one, and preserve their dignity. Speak to your personal injury attorney immediately about your situation. Your lawyer can evaluate your case and guide you through the process of fighting for your relative’s rights.

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