When an individual is killed by the negligent or wrongful acts of another person or entity, the survivors of that individual can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the person or entity that caused the death.

These suits can be anything from holding a school responsible for failing to notice and treat a child’s medical issue while playing sports, which led to the child’s death, to holding a landlord responsible for deaths caused by not having the appropriate exits or fire-alarm system to warn tenants of a fire.

When a loved one is killed, it is traumatizing to those left behind. That person may have been the primary income earner for the family, or may have been the parent who stayed at home to care for children while their spouse worked full-time. Fortunately, when a wrongful death claim is filed, the impact of the loved one on others’ lives is taken into consideration.

While each situation is evaluated based on its circumstances, the following types of compensation are always considered when awarding monetary damages to those bringing the wrongful death suit.

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills for the final illness or injury
  • Loss of potential income that the deceased loved one would have earned
  • Value of household services
  • Loss of anticipated financial support
  • Loss of love, community, affection, moral support, or guidance

The latter three items are based on specific losses that the surviving family members have suffered. For example, a spouse may seek compensation for loss of love or affection. Children may seek compensation for loss of guidance.

If you are considering filing a wrongful death suit against a person or entity, it is important to consult a wrongful death attorney who is familiar with the law surrounding this type of claim. Your attorney should have experience trying these claims to a jury as well as negotiating wrongful death settlements with the person, entity or any insurance companies that are involved.

The wrongful death attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Potter have over 75 years of personal injury experience. This experience coupled with compassion for our clients help us secure the best possible outcome for your case.

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Client Story

What Happened

Our client was one of several people killed in an accident when an oncoming vehicle lost control and collided with him.

Why We Were Called

There was limited insurance coverage and the at-fault driver had no additional assets.

How We Were Able to Help

After a difficult mediation session involving all claimants, we are able to secure $225,000 for our client’s family.

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