Key Actions Following a Motorcycle Accident

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The life of a well-known Bend resident was remembered this past summer after the man succumbed to the injuries suffered in a fatal motorcycle accident. According to a witness, the 2009 Buel motorcycle that was being operated by the individual was seen having suddenly lost control and then skidding over an embankment off of Highway 395.

Why the motorcycle lost control has yet to be determined. Many times a motorcyclist loses control due to an obstacle or object on the road that should have been removed, or damage that should have or fixed. In other situations, a motorcycle operator will lose control because of the negligence of another driver.

Whatever may have been the cause, the first thing that every motorcyclist should do after an accident is to take care of his or her immediate health, and then protect their legal rights by taking proper decisive action.

How to Protect Your Rights after a Motorcycle Accident

Step 1: Stay at the Scene

Unless severely injured, be sure to stay put until the police arrive. Leaving could result in criminal charges, as fault and liability have not yet been determined.

Step 2: Obtain Contact and Insurance Information

If you have minor injuries and have already received medical attention, the next step is to gather all contact and insurance information from any drivers, passengers or pedestrians involved. Be sure to note the make, model and license plate information of all of the vehicles.

Step 3: Properly Document the Incident

Use your smart phone or camera to take pictures of the scene, the involved vehicles, your motorcycle, as well as any skid marks or debris from the accident before anything has been removed or changed to ensure accurate documentation. If possible, obtain witness accounts and write down your own account while the incident is still fresh in your mind.

Step 4: Do Not Provide an Insurance Interview

An adjuster from another party’s insurance company will likely contact you and request an interview. Do NOT provide them with any information until you have received legal counsel. Keep in mind that adjusters are trained to trip you up and get you to say things you don’t really mean. Their job isn’t to protect your rights, but rather to pay out the least amount of compensation possible on the claim.

The law office of Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC is available to answer any questions that you may have about your specific accident to help you heal and recover from your injuries. Our experienced attorneys will ensure that those involved in a motorcycle accident have been fairly compensated for any pain and suffering medical expenses and lost wages.

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