Jury Awards Damages against Toy Maker and Distributor for Child’s Brain Injury

A toy manufacturer and its distributor were recently ordered to pay damages in connection with a young child’s brain injury. The jury award is reportedly the first in several similar lawsuits involving a toxic toy that was manufactured in China.

Toxic Toy Beads

The toy is a craft kit with tiny candy-colored beads that children can use to create a multitude of designs. The toy beads were voluntarily recalled after the manufacturer received reports that some children who swallowed the toy beads suffered nausea, vomiting, and coma. The beads were later found to be tainted with a chemical substance that once metabolized, converts to a harmful chemical known as GHB, also known as a date rape drug.

The plaintiffs are parents of a young boy who was only 16 months old when he ingested the tainted toy beads and lapsed into a coma. He suffered a brain injury as a result. After trial, the jury ruled that the toy maker and its distributor must pay damages amounting to $435,000 to the child’s family. The plaintiffs, however, said that they are going to appeal the value of the award, citing astronomical costs of past and future medical bills for the child’s brain injury.

Oregon Brain Injury

Brain injury is a life-changing event that can take an emotional and financial toll on the injured person and their loved ones. When the injury is a result of someone else’s fault or negligence, Oregon tort law allows the injured party to recover compensation and damages from the negligent party.

If a member of your family has recently suffered a brain injury in an accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can evaluate whether you are entitled to compensation under the situation. Brain injury cases are often very complicated, often requiring expert medical opinion to help establish the cause of the brain injury and identify the party who caused the injury.

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