Insurer Settles with Oregon Woman Injured in Slip and Fall Accident

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Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Personal Injury Attorneys just settled a premises liability case on behalf of a young woman who was injured in a slip and fall accident several months ago.  The details of this case are as follows.

Medford Oregon Premises Liability Attorneys | Oregon Premises Liability Attorneys | Oregon Slip and Fall Injury AttorneysOur Oregonian client was taking an early morning walk on her way to meet a friend for coffee when she suddenly tripped and fell into an unmarked, gaping hole in the sidewalk.  As she would later learn, on the previous day a car had driven into a pole at that very location, knocking it over and leaving a sizable hole in the sidewalk.

The local power company failed to finish repairing the downed power line and it left the site unmarked and openly dangerous to pedestrians.  Before consulting her lawyer, our client made an official statement to the power company’s claims representative describing the accident. Shortly thereafter, she completed treatment for her accident-related injuries and retained the compassionate Oregon slip and fall attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC to help her recover in this Oregon slip and fall case.

Once we had reviewed our client’s claim, we began negotiating with the power company’s insurance company.  The claims adjuster attempted to escape responsibility for our client’s extensive injuries by using her prior statement. After several rounds of negotiation, our experienced Oregon premises liability attorneys convinced the power company that it was largely responsible for failing to make the accident site safe for pedestrians walking along the street.  At the end of the day, our client’s claim settled for a generous amount that she was happy with and that covered her accident-related medical expenses.

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