Insurer Blames Phantom “Preexisting Condition” For Injuries, Pays Up

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Our client was idling in his pickup truck at a Eugene, Oregon intersection when another driver traveling on road intersecting his drifted into our client’s lane and smashed the front left side car.  That driver was moving at 60 miles per hour when the collision occurred and our client was seriously injured, who was diagnosed with a cervical strain in the emergency room.

Oregon Auto Accident Injury AttorneysThere was no question of fault in this accident: the driver who hit our client was immediately cited for failing to drive in his lane. Even though he was clearly the victim here, our client nevertheless had trouble getting any response response from the other driver’s insurer. He knew he needed a tough Oregon auto accident attorney to negotiate with the insurer on his behalf.

Our client completed treatment for his accident-related injuries before contacting us. Once retained as counsel, we obtained all of our client’s medical records and bills. His medical bills were all soon paid by Oregon’s mandated Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance. After reviewing our client’s medical records, we convinced the insurance adjuster that our client’s need for treatment was completely attributable to the second driver’s negligence rather than to any preexisting conditions had by our client.

It was challenging to negotiate with the insurance companies in this case, but we were ultimately successful and our client was happy to have chosen Dwyer Williams Cherkoss to represent him in this case.

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