Insurance Pays Medical Bills for Aggravation of Underlying Condition

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Accident Aggravates InjuriesOur client was driving on the Bend Parkway.  As she approached an intersection, another motorist failed to yield, pulled in front of her car, causing her to crash into the other motorist.  Our client was injured and sought medical attention for her accident related injuries.

Our client’s injuries included soft tissue type injuries.  Prior to the accident, she had an underlying degenerative condition.  The insurance company accepted responsibility for the accident but argued she was not entitled to much compensation because she had an underlying condition prior to the accident.

Attorney Arne Cherkoss ordered our client’s prior medical records.  After a careful review of those records it was clear that although there may have been some degeneration, she was asymptomatic before the accident.  Mr. Cherkoss argued that the accident triggered the symptoms and therefore the insurance company was responsible for all of her medical bills, her lost wages, and pain and suffering, including the aggravation of her underlying condition.

After several rounds of negotiations, the case settled for a fair amount that included all of her accident related medical bills, her lost wages, and compensation for her pain and suffering.

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