Injured Tries to Settle Own Case, Laughed at By Insurance Adjuster

Arne CherkossResults

Rear End CollisionOur client was stopped behind a line of traffic.  While he was waiting for traffic to clear, another motorist rear-ended his truck. He felt immediate pain and sought medical attention for his injuries.

After our client completed treatment for all his injuries, he attempted to settle the case on his own.  The insurance adjuster offered a settlement that would not even have covered our client’s medical bills.  Our client wisely made a reasonable counter offer to the insurance company and was laughed at by the insurance adjuster.  Since the insurance company failed to take our client’s claims serious he had no choice but to contact Dwyer Williams Cherkoss . The client met with and hired attorney Arne Cherkoss to represent him for his personal injury claim.

Arne reviewed and analyzed his client’s medical records and other pertinent accident-related documents.  After evaluating the claim, Arne sent out a demand and began negotiating a settlement with the insurance company.  The insurance company eventually offered more than 3 times what was offered to our client before he contacted Dwyer Williams Cherkoss.  However, we believe it was still not enough to fairly compensate him for his injuries.

To get a fair settlement, Arne used an Oregon statute (ORS 20.080) to get the insurance carrier to offer more than its previous “top offer.”  The case settled quickly and our client was happy with the result.