Grocery Store Landscaping Created a Risk of Harm

Arne CherkossPersonal Injury Lawsuit Settlement

landscape-rocks-liabilityOur client was leaving a grocery store when she tripped on several small landscaping rocks that ended up on the sidewalk.  The rocks were flat and blended in so that she did not see them.  The fall resulted in our client’s elbow being broken.

The grocery store’s insurance company denied liability. The denial was based on the argument that the store was unaware of the condition and had no time to fix the problem.  Our client hired Dwyer Williams Cherkoss attorney, Arne Cherkoss to help her with her claim.

During several conversations with the insurance company, Mr. Cherkoss was able to convince them that they were responsible since it was foreseeable that rocks would get end up on the sidewalk, creating a risk of harm.

The store paid for all of our client’s accident related medical expenses and compensated her for her pain and suffering.

Photo Credit: Ian Broyles cc