Our Attorneys Win Six Figure Settlement in Eugene Motorcycle Accident

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In this particular motorcycle accident our client was hit while traveling through an intersection. A pickup truck turned in front of our client, causing our client to collide with the passenger side of the truck and knocking him to the ground. Our client was transported by ambulance to a local emergency room and the truck driver was immediately cited for his traffic offenses.

Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys OregonDue to his accident-related injuries, our client required hospitalization for seven days following the accident. While admitted in the hospital he underwent numerous X-Rays and CT scans to his pelvis, right knee, abdomen, left elbow, and cervical spine. His most serious injuries included a fractured left elbow and a fractured pelvis that required surgery, and a decompressed bladder that required urological consultation and the insertion of a catheter.

As soon as he had been released from the hospital, our client required home health assistance for daily necessities and to provide medical supplies and equipment. He had numerous mandatory follow-up doctor visits, including monitoring his bladder injury to prevent infection and bacteria growth, as well as physical therapy. He suffered extreme wage loss and his medical bills totaled just shy of a six-figure dollar amount.

The main problem that our client faced was the fact that, because this was a motorcycle accident, there were no personal injury protection benefits available to pay his medical bills or wage loss. His health insurance company initially denied his medical bills because the accident was the fault of a third party. Additionally, he was unable to get the adverse insurance carrier to compensate him for his motorcycle that was totaled.

Very quickly, the experienced and caring Oregon motorcycle accident attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC were able to get this client compensation for his lost motorcycle. We were also able to get his health insurance to pay all his medical bills less his co-pays. We guided our client through his treatment, assisted him in getting back to work, and eliminated any concern he may have had concerning his claim and compensation.

Because of our experience as lawyers that specialize in motorcycle accidents, we were able to obtain a policy limit settlement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company and also obtained an under-insured policy limit settlement through our client’s insurance company that collectively totaled more than six figures.  Our client was happy with the result, and so were we.

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