Fair Settlement for Motorcycle Accident Victim Pinned Under Bike

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Our motorcyclist client in this matter was injured when his bike fell on top of him in a roadway accident.  He first noticed that his bike wasn’t working when he was preparing to leave work one evening.  His motorcycle simply wouldn’t start.  He began pushing the bike along the roadway in the direction of his home, in the bicycle lane, when a passing motorist came too close to him and accidentally struck him with his car’s passenger-side mirror.  The impact of this collision caused our client to lose control of his motorcycle, which fell on top of him.  Motorcycles are large machines that can weigh more than 800 pounds.  When our client was pinned to the ground he was severely injured and he sought immediate medical treatment for his accident-related injuries.

Oregon Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorneys | Oregon Personal Injury AttorneysLong after completing the recommended treatment for his accident-related injuries, our client remained symptomatic. It was at this time that he decided to seek legal representation in this matter.  Having heard of the the excellent motorcycle accident injury lawyers at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss, he called and retained us as counsel in this personal injury claim.  Our attorneys immediately went to work reviewing our client’s medical records and we discovered that his doctors had recommended further treatment, but that this was never properly communicated to our client.

Our client returned to his medical provider to receive this further recommended treatment, which eventually helped him to completely resolve his accident-related injuries.  The additional treatment that our client received helped both his claim and his recovery: after several rounds of negotiation, the insurance provider offered our client a fair settlement that covered all of his accident-related injury expenses.  He happily accepted the offer.

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