Does The Extent of Vehicle Damage Affect Your Auto Accident Settlement?

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Happy Friday, July 5th – we here at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss hope that you had a safe and happy Independence Day celebration yesterday. In this week’s video clip, our founder and senior partner Roy Dwyer discusses whether or not it matters if your car was seriously injured in your personal injury auto accident. Here is his quick response:

As Roy explains in this video, unfortunately, the issue of whether or not your car was damaged in an auto accident does affect your Oregon personal injury claim. Insurance companies call accidents in which you sustained little damage “low impact auto accidents”. They have a stable of experts who will come in and testify that, because there was little damage to your vehicle, it is impossible that you could have been seriously injured. This is an unethical practice, but in our experience it is frequently what insurance companies do in order to manipulate juries.

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