Elderly Auto Accident Victim Compensated for Serious Injuries

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC recently won a large settlement on behalf of a client who hired us to represent him in the fall of 2011. This client had been driving eastward in the left lane of a large boulevard when a second, inattentive driver pulled out of a parking lot directly into our client’s lane of traffic and collided with him. Our client’s car was crushed and he sustained serious injuries for which he was immediately rushed to the hospital.

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X-rays, CT scans, and the ER physician’s examination revealed fractures to our client’s chest and left arm. Our client’s arm injuries required immediate surgery, but he was discharged soon after the procedure with instructions to continue treatment with his primary care doctor.  For two months after the accident, our client could barely move and he was unable to participate in household activities or duties. Eventually, as he slowly gained mobility, our client began to feel tingling and pain in his lower back and legs.

Due to the seriousness of his injuries, our client’s personal injury protection (PIP) was immediately paid to the hospital where he was treated. However, with more than $50,000 in outstanding medical bills after his PIP benefits were exhausted, our client didn’t know how to pay his remaining medical bills.  Our team of compassionate and professional personal injury attorneys explained our client’s PIP benefits to him and we immediately contacted his insurance provider and all of the involved medical providers.

After a series of negotiations, we were able to secure a fair settlement for our client in which the adverse insurance company paid all of his accident-related expenses as well as for his pain and suffering. Our client was happy to have chosen the experienced auto accident at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss to settle this expensive auto accident injury claim.

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