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Oregon State Law and Bend City Ordinances on Dog Bites

At the Oregon State Level:

At the Oregon state level, when a dog bites another person, the dog owner can be held liable for the injury. The dog owner has a duty to properly restrain their dog and leave the dog with an appropriate caretaker when needed. If the dog owner is negligent in their duty, several factors will be considered when determining liability:
•    Where the actions of the dog “dangerous” to the public?
•    Has there been a pattern of “dangerous” dog actions in the past?
•    Did the owner have knowledge of these patterns?
•    Was the injury inflicted by the same sort of behavior as the past?

As a defense, the dog owner could state that their dog was provoked into biting the person.

At the Bend City Ordinance Level:

In Bend City a judge can order that a dog is “dangerous” if a dog has bitten someone. The dog owner can be held medically and civilly liable for the dog bite (ORS 5.20.035). A dangerous dog is defined as (ORS 609.035):
•    The dog instilled fear in a person through its actions that certain physical injury would happen without provocation or
•    The dog bit the person and caused serious physical harm or death without provocation or
•    The dog is trained for animal fighting

The Bend City Board looks at seven factors when making their decision about what to do about the dog bite (ORS 609.093):
•    What were the circumstances of the dog bite and severity of it?
•    Does the dog owner have a history of keeping a dangerous dog?
•    What do the actions of the owner have on the dog?
•    Was the dog owner able to prevent the dog bite?
•    Should the dog be relocated to a secure facility?
•    How would the dog be affected if transferred?
•    What is the behavior of the dog before and after the bite?

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