Cyclist Dies in SE Portland Accident

A female cyclists tragically lost her life in a bicycle-related accident in early August 2016.

According to witness statements and other evidence collected at the scene, the cyclist was traveling at 30 to 35 mph northbound on Mount Scott Boulevard when she made a westbound turn at the interchange at 112th Avenue.

The driver of a Dodge Ram pickup truck was traveling eastward on Mount Scott Boulevard and making a left turn onto 112th Avenue. Westbound traffic had stopped to allow her to turn.

As the driver of the pick-up crossed over the westward lane of Mount Scott Boulevard, the cyclist crashed into the passenger side of the truck.

The cyclist passed away due to her injuries.

The Second Fatal Cyclist-Related Crash in One Week

This was the second fatal bicycle accident within a one week time span in the Southeast Portland area. On the Saturday before, a female cyclist was struck by a truck at Flavel and 82nd street.

Who Is Liable in a Bicycle-Related Accident?

In the state of Oregon, our Rules of the Road operate just as a driver’s manual for all Oregon residents. Generally speaking, bicyclists are treated like all motor vehicles. This means that cyclists are expected to obey Oregon traffic laws.

With that said, operators of cars and trucks are required to follow additional driving guidelines and to take special safety precautions which are in place to protect bicyclists. Some of these statewide precautions include:

  • Operators of motorized vehicles must yield to cyclists on a sidewalk
  • Operators of motorized vehicles must yield to cyclists in a bike lane
  • Drivers must pass cyclists on the left, at a safe distance, and return to their original lane when they are a safe distance away

What Are The Leading Reasons For Bicycle Accidents?

The leading reasons for bicycle accidents in our state include:

  • Drivers who are under the influence
  • Drivers who are distracted
  • Drivers who are driving aggressively
  • Roads which are in a poor state

Why Speak To An Attorney After A Bicycle Accident

A serious bicycle injury can result in permanent life changes which can interfere with your ability to continue to work, affect relationships with friends and loved ones, and have an impact on one’s ability to enjoy a fulfilling life.

Our team of personal injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC is committed to ensuring that justice is served to victims who are injured as the result of the negligence of another.

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