How To Maximize Your Accident Injury Claim

Maximizing your accident claimIn addition to your medical bills and wage loss, your pain and suffering resulting from your accident is a major element of your accident claim. Your injuries will also have an impact on your ability to carry on with your ordinary life. The loss of these activities is another element of your accident claim. Your pain may restrict your ability, either partly or completely, to do things as simple as dress, climb stairs, or take a bath. Your pain may also affect your ability to perform your work, drive a car, and participate in your sports and hobbies, family life, and other personal activities.

You may also suffer strain in your relationships with your family and friends. You may lose income and job opportunities. You may also find you have suffered a permanent accident or injury, and can expect future medical expenses for your treatment. You are entitled to compensation for all of these losses.

Keep Records

Keep a record of your pain, your restricted activities, and your other losses as you recover from the accident. A few notes on a calendar will be sufficient, but you may wish to keep a more extensive record. In any event, be sure to inform your attorney of ALL the loses you suffer from the accident, so that your attorney is made aware of them and can later seek compensation for them.

Your Doctor

You should return to each of your doctors as often as necessary, and should always tell them about all of your complaints. You should not minimize your ailments to your doctors. A doctor must know these things in order to properly treat you. Furthermore, the value of your accident claim ultimately depends on your doctors’ reports. If you do not tell them about all your injuries, they will not be able to write a complete report, which may be detrimental to your accident claim.

Talk to No One

Do not talk to anyone about your accident except your attorney or your attorney’s staff. You should always require identification so you are certain with whom you are talking. Don’t even talk to your own insurance company without first notifying your lawyer.

Don’t Use the Words “I Can’t”

You should avoid using the words “I can’t.” “Can’t” means physical impossibility. You should always say to yourself: “I am trying and will continue to try to do more things.” In activities such as your housework, hobbies, yard work, and work at the office or factory, you should detail what things you’re able to do and what things are more difficult.

Your Address and Telephone Number

It is important that you always keep your attorney updated on any changes to your current address or telephone number. It is vital that your attorney be able to contact you.

Questions about Your Case

If you have any specific questions about your case, you should always feel free to call your attorney. At Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC we strive to promptly and fully address our clients’ concerns. Although you may be going through a difficult process, it is important that you be patient. Your attorney will do a great deal of work on your file without your knowledge.