Closure of Your Oregon Wokers’ Compensation Claim and Unemployment Insurance

This post is the latest in a series about workers’ compensation in the state of Oregon.  Previous posts covered the following topics:

  1. How to file an Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  2. Obtaining medical treatment in your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  3. Recovering lost wages in your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  4. Acceptance or denial of your claim and the “interim period”.
  5. Medical treatment concerns in your Oregon workers’ compensation claim.
  6. Your rights returning to work after an Oregon workplace injury or illness.

Workers’ compensation claims are open – “active” – while you are recovering from your workplace injury or illness, and are closed – “inactive” – once your health provider deems you to be stable.  Your claim will also be closed if you miss your medical appointments or if the major cause of your disability goes away.

Time-Loss Payments and Unemployment Insurance

Once your claim has been closed, you may be eligible for “time-loss payments”.  If you are eligible, you will be notified by the workers’ compensation insurer.  Once your time-loss payments end after your claim has been closed, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits.  You have to apply for unemployment benefits within four weeks of the date on which your Notice of Closure was issued.

If your notice indicates that you have a permanent partial disability, then you will be eligible for benefits depending on the severity of the disability.  Permanent total disability means that you will be completely unable to perform any work duties.  You will receive monthly disability payments as long as you remain totally disabled – the insurer will evaluate you at regular intervals to make this determination.

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