Client Gets Six-Figure Settlement in Auto Accident Case

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Our client was driving down a side street, slowing as she approached an intersection. Before she came to a full stop, she was rear ended by another driver. The impact of the car crash was low speed and little property damage resulted. Our client, who had extensive pre-existing medical issues, did not think that she was injured in the auto accident, either. She got her car repaired and went on with her life. Almost sixteen months later, our client found herself in the doctor’s office, hearing that she was going to need low back surgery. In the course of discussing her back injury and surgery with her doctor, she began to think that she had been injured worse than she had realized in the car accident. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys

Realizing that her claim would be difficult to settle, given the low impact collision and the length of time between the accident and the surgery, she contacted our expert auto accident attorneys for assistance.

I reviewed her extensive medical records and was able to show the insurance adjuster that the auto accident was the ultimate cause of her need for surgery. Before we started negotiations for a settlement, I gave the case a value, so I would have a baseline for the settlement numbers. After several rounds of persistent, aggressive negotiations, the adjuster came back with a six-figure policy limit offer. This settlement was extremely satisfactory to our client, allowing her to pay her medical expenses and be compensated for her pain and suffering.

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