Who Is Responsible For My Truck Accident?

A truck accident case can get very complicated, very quickly. One of the first questions that we get from many of our clients is this: who is responsible for my truck accident? And that’s a great question. It’s one that we will address here in this article so that you will have a better understanding … Read More

The Difference Between a Truck Accident and a Car Accident

There are so many different variables that come into play when we start to talk about accidents. But in this article, we want to break down the difference between a truck accident and a car accident. And yes, there are some major differences between the two. If you were an unfortunate victim of one of … Read More

What To Do Following A Truck Accident

Truck accidents are very stressful situations that can leave you in a panic. Whether it’s on the scene of the accident or during the follow-up process after the accident, you may wonder what it is you need to do. With that said, we will cover these steps in this article to help you in case … Read More

Recognizing the Seriousness of Chest Pains After a Car Accident

Car accidents can produce some very serious injuries. Some of these injuries are visible immediately. Lacerations, broken bones and burns are a few examples of injuries that are easily recognized right there at the scene of the accident. However, there are some injuries that don’t appear right away. One of these types of injuries is … Read More

Do I Need To Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

If you or someone that you know was the victim of a truck accident, there’s a good chance that severe injuries were sustained. This is the unfortunate reality when these large semi-trucks are involved. Due to these injuries, you need financial compensation to support the previous medical bills, ongoing medical treatment and other indirect costs … Read More

Brain Injuries due to Truck Accidents in Oregon

It’s no secret that the end results of a truck accident tend be very catastrophic. The sheer size of an eighteen-wheeler is bound to cause major damage in the event of an accident. When it comes to injuries, we have seen them range from broken bones to lacerations to concussions and more. However, one of … Read More

How Long Will it Take to Settle my Oregon Truck Accident Case?

Truck accidents can cause some serious damage. Aside from the major damage that they can do to your vehicle, it’s usually the injuries that tend to cause extensive losses. After the truck accident takes place, there is usually one question that people will ask: How long will it take to get compensated for what I … Read More

Semi-Trucks Cause Major Damage in Rear-end Accidents

We have all seen those big semi-trucks on the highway. And there really is no doubt about it — they are BIG. This means that they can cause major damage when an accident occurs. In this article, we want to focus in on the kind of serious damage that semi-trucks can create in rear-end accidents. … Read More