$235,000 Paintball Gun Eye Injury

Our client, a young boy, was negligently shot in the eye with a paintball gun. This injury required multiple surgeries. We settled the case for $235,000.

$238,000 Car Collision with Bicyclist

Our client was hit by an uninsured driver while commuting to work on his bike. He sustained extensive orthopedic injuries that required surgery. Liability was initially denied and our client was offered no settlement. Following litigation, however, our client was awarded a $238,000 settlement.

$241,000 Residential Slip and Fall Accident

Our client was a tenant in an apartment complex that failed to remove snow and ice from the property’s stairs and sidewalks. Our client slipped on clear ice, tumbled down the stairs, and suffered serious lower back and hip injuries. The property manager’s insurance company denied liability. We exposed that the apartment complex manager had directed staff members to lie about the accident and won our client an arbitration award of $241,000.

$250,000 Event Slip and Fall Injury

Our client was attending an event hosted at a fairground. The event’s caterers had run an extension cord across a walking path and covered it with a carpet, creating a mound in the carpet. While the lights were down, our elderly client tripped over the mound, fell, and broke her hip. We sued the county in which this event took place, as well as the event organizer, and the catering company caterer. We performed extensive litigation and discovery, and the case settled at mediation for $250,000.

SUV Roll-Over On Ice – $265,000

Our client was the passenger in an SUV being driver on icy winter roads. The driver was driving too fast for the conditions and rolled the SUV several times down a highway. Our client suffered multiple fractures and lacerations. This case settled at mediation for $264,571, just shy of the applicable policy limits and in addition to what the insurer had already paid toward our client’s medical expenses.