How to find a good lawyer if you’ve been bitten by a dog

I’ve been doing personal injury work for over 50 years. One of the saddest cases that I see are dog bite cases, and I’ve handled many, many dog bite cases over my career. Those are troubling cases. They’re problem cases. Many lawyers don’t have the faintest idea of what it takes to handle a dog … Read More

What is the role of a personal injury lawyer in a case?

The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney Personal injury attorneys are civil litigators who represent clients – commonly referred to as plaintiffs – alleging psychological or physical injury as result of negligence or careless acts by another person, company, entity, government agency or organization. Personal injury attorneys practice in an area known as tort law. … Read More

Another Success Story – Oregon Pedestrian Accident

Our client was walking in a crosswalk in a department store parking lot, on her way to do some shopping. When she was halfway through a crosswalk, a motorist struck her, causing significant injuries. The motorist told the investigating officer that he became distracted by couple who were arguing. As he watched the couple argue, … Read More

More and More Pedestrians Dying on US Roads

Roadway deaths are on the rise. Between 2014 and 2016, deaths on US roads increased by over 14%. While deaths overall have soared, the category of roadway occupant that has suffered the greatest increase in fatalities is that of pedestrians. Read on to learn about the rise in pedestrian deaths and ways that these deaths … Read More

Grocery Store Landscaping Created a Risk of Harm

Our client was leaving a grocery store when she tripped on several small landscaping rocks that ended up on the sidewalk.  The rocks were flat and blended in so that she did not see them.  The fall resulted in our client’s elbow being broken. The grocery store’s insurance company denied liability. The denial was based … Read More

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Accident Investigation Results in Settlement

A Dwyer Williams Cherkoss client was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a friend. Another motorist, traveling from the opposite direction, veered into their lane of travel, causing a head on collision.  Our client was seriously injured and was transported to a local hospital. The other motorists initially claimed that the accident was … Read More

Premises Liability Settlement Increased to Cover Pain and Suffering

Our Medford, Oregon, client was shopping at a grocery retailer when this accident occurred.  She slipped and fell while walking down an aisle. Once she had collected herself after the fall, she noticed that the floor was sopping wet. Although a wet floor warning sign had been erected at the end of the aisle where … Read More

Fair Settlement for Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Victim

Our client in this Oregon slip and fall case was injured while on the job.  He was employed at a store where he stocked shelves and put recent deliveries in the stock room.  On the day of his accident, our client had started work on time and his initial job was to move cartons of … Read More

Rear-End Collisions Can Exacerbate Pre-existing Conditions

Our law firm was recently contacted by a passenger who was sitting in an idling car at a red traffic light when her vehicle was abruptly hit from behind by another motorist.  The two drivers emerged from this accident unscathed, but our client sustained physical injuries and the accident exacerbated her preexisting medical conditions.  Our … Read More