Maximum Medical Improvement in Oregon

Maximum Medical Improvement The law in Oregon provides workers’ compensation rights to every employee. The workers’ compensation is applicable in cases where an employee gets injured at the workplace. It entails immediate medical benefits as well as wage loss compensation, depending on the circumstances. A worker is not required to file a personal injury claim … Read More

The Difference Between First Party And Third Party Insurance Claims in Oregon

Insurance Claims in Oregon If you have suffered a personal injury in an accident in Oregon, chances are that your medical bills may quickly start piling up. Your monthly income flow may also be disrupted if you are unable to work due to your injuries. This is where the question will manifest itself on whether … Read More

Seven Proven Ways to Maximize Your Oregon Personal Injury Settlement

Maximizing Your Personal Injury Settlement Being involved in an auto accident can be a traumatic experience. The physical injuries and mental agony notwithstanding, dealing with the medical bills and loss of income can be an ordeal in itself. This is why you need to fight for a fair settlement since it can pay for your … Read More

10 Things to Know About an Emergency Room Visit After a Car Accident in Oregon

Emergency rooms in Oregon serve a vital role by providing immediate medical care and injury assessment after a car accident. Even if you are feeling fine after an accident, it helps to visit the emergency room to get a medical check-up. Sometimes the signs of injury may not show externally, and a medical professional can … Read More

Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use With Personal Injury Claims

DEALING WITH INSURANCE ADJUSTERS Insurance adjusters are trained to do a job for their company and follow procedures designed to protect the insurance company and serve it’s best interests. While insurance adjusters may actually want to settle a claim fairly, the procedures that they must follow are designed to tip the scales in favor of … Read More

What To Do When The Adjuster Won’t Return Your Calls After An Accident

Insurance Adjuster Won’t Return Your Calls? Here’s Why We get a quite a few calls from folks with complaints about insurance company adjusters. The number one complaint involves not being able to get a return call from these adjusters. Many people do not want to hassle with the insurance claim and simply want some recognition … Read More

Things you should know after being involved in a semi-truck accident.

We here at the firm handle a large number of semi truck accident cases. Those are cases involving big rigs, 18 wheelers, usually on the freeways, either Highway 97, Highway 58, 62, or Interstate 5, so often it’s the main arterial highways because that’s where truckers are generally driving in higher numbers, and it’s also … Read More

How much is my car accident claim settlement worth?

One of the main questions I’m asked as an attorney, as a personal injury lawyer and auto accident lawyer is, “What is my case worth? How much can I recover?” And that’s always asked in the beginning. And I’ll tell you this; if a lawyer tells you the value of your case very soon after … Read More