What You Need To Know If You Were Hit By A Car While Walking

Unfortunately, it’s more dangerous than ever to cross the busy streets of today’s fast-paced environments. In fact, from 2016 to 2017, pedestrian deaths due to vehicle collisions have increased more than 20 percent across the state of Oregon. Busy streets and distracted drivers are surely amongst the reasons why these types of accidents are occurring … Read More

Yielding The Right-of-Way Law in Oregon: An Overview

At times, while driving on the roadways in Oregon, you are required to yield the right-of-way. In simple terms, it means that in specific situations, you must allow another driver to go first. Drivers should know that under Oregon law, no one has the right of way on a road. The law instead states who … Read More

How Much Are Injury Attorney Fees in Oregon

Here’s a common scenario: you get into a car accident, maybe just a little fender-bender. The next day, you start to feel some pain in your neck. As the day goes on, the pain gets worse. You realize that you are going to need medical treatment. This gets you thinking: can I afford an attorney? … Read More

Another Success Story – Oregon Pedestrian Accident

Our client was walking in a crosswalk in a department store parking lot, on her way to do some shopping. When she was halfway through a crosswalk, a motorist struck her, causing significant injuries. The motorist told the investigating officer that he became distracted by couple who were arguing. As he watched the couple argue, … Read More

More and More Pedestrians Dying on US Roads

Roadway deaths are on the rise. Between 2014 and 2016, deaths on US roads increased by over 14%. While deaths overall have soared, the category of roadway occupant that has suffered the greatest increase in fatalities is that of pedestrians. Read on to learn about the rise in pedestrian deaths and ways that these deaths … Read More

Another Year of Rising Fatalities on American Roads

For decades, as safety technology in vehicles improved and public awareness of safe driving behavior increased, the total number of fatalities on American roads fell year after year. Beginning in 2014, however, a troubling trend took hold wherein more and more people are dying on US roads each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration … Read More

Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrians are increasingly likely to be injured or killed in accidents with cyclists, or vehicles.  In fact, a recent study showed that 15% of all vehicle crash deaths involve pedestrians. The risk to the pedestrians is inevitably higher than that of the cyclist (who is likely to be wearing some protective clothing), or the person(s) … Read More

“Inattentive Blindness” Causing More Pedestrian Accidents

Oregon’s Department of Transportation said that around 64 pedestrian accidents statewide in the past 5 years were caused by distracted drivers and pedestrians. Although concerns and laws surrounding distracted drivers have increased, very little is said when it comes to distracted pedestrians. People of all ages and walks of life on the streets, on public … Read More

Jury Awards $14 Million in Portland Truck Accident Case

A 57-year old man was recently awarded $13.5 million as compensation for injuries he sustained in a serious truck accident about a year ago. The accident occurred when a garbage truck made an illegal right turn as the plaintiff was crossing the street. The pedestrian light had the ‘walk’ signal which prompted the plaintiff to … Read More

Teens to Be Sentenced in Racing Death in Eugene OR

Two Springfield Oregon teens will soon face sentencing for killing a bystander while racing their cars down a residential road at more than 100 mph.  One of the teens swerved to avoid a pedestrian and struck the other vehicle.  Full details are below. Two 17-year-old Springfield boys are to be sentenced Tuesday in the death … Read More