Dealing with an intoxicated driver at the scene of an accident

Intoxicated driversIn a two-car wreck, make sure everyone is okay, call first responders (if necessary), and exchange information. But, what happens when the other is intoxicated? What do you do then? Below are a few tips for dealing with an intoxicated driver at the scene of a wreck.Health and safety come firstAfter a wreck, the first … Read More

How Much Space Do You Need Between Cars on an Oregon Highway?

Keeping A Safe Following Distance While DrivingOne of the important questions to consider for safe driving in Oregon is how much gap you should maintain between your car and the vehicle in front of you when driving at highway speeds. The practice of maintaining a safe driving distance at all times, whether you are in … Read More

5 Tips for Choosing The Best Car Accident Attorney in Oregon

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You Received a Hospital Lien. What Exactly does this Mean?

What You Need to Know About Hospital LiensYou received a hospital lien and you are wondering what it means. More than likely, you were recently treated for an automobile injury at a hospital. If you were unable to pay the hospital bill out of pocket, or if you did not have insurance to cover things, … Read More

What Should You Do if You Are Involved in a DUII Automobile Crash

What to Do If You Become The Victim of a Drunk Driving AccidentBeing in an automobile accident can be a traumatic experience in and of itself. There is property damage, pain, lost wages, medical bills, and other issues that will need to be addressed. If you are involved in a crash, either as a driver, … Read More