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Injured At Work Case Example

Injured at Work

Our Client:

  • Our client was a hard-working construction material delivery person. He also built custom hot rods by hand as a side business, and was an outdoor enthusiast.

The Facts:

  • Our client was delivering a large beam to a private homeowner. As he was unloading the beam, the homeowner asked if he could help. Our client told him no. As our client was unloading the beam, the homeowner tried to help anyway, dropped the beam, causing our client severe shoulder and wrist injuries.

His Work Injuries:

  • Torn left shoulder capsule; traumatic carpal tunnel of the right wrist. Both conditions required surgery, leaving him with permanent disabilities. His injuries interfered with work, building hot rods, and outdoor recreation.

Our Client’s Problem:

  • The homeowner changed his story, claiming that he had permission to help unload the beam. His insurance company denied liability, refusing to make a settlement offer.

The Resolution:

  • We filed the case for a jury trial. We hired an expert to create an animation showing what really happened. The animation was so convincing, one juror asked to see it again at the end of trial.

The Result:

  • The jury returned a verdict of $314,000.

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