Auto Accident Claim Settlement Bridges Financial Gap

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Our client was driving on Portland, Oregon’s Freemont Bridge when a tow truck driver cut him off. Because he was on the bridge and had no where to go, he couldn’t avoid the accident. He crashed into the side of the bridge and suffered a severe neck injury. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Besides being painful and costly to treat, this injury also affected our client’s ability to work. He had been a mechanic for the local school district for 25 years but could no longer perform this physically demanding job with his injury.

He was seriously concerned about caring for himself and his family during the time it would take for him to learn a new skill and get a new job that he could do with his neck injury. He filed a claim with his insurance company for his lost wages and retraining costs. The insurance company denied this claim. Now really concerned, he called an experienced auto accident attorney to help him fight for his claim.

The insurance company held firm on its denial of our client’s claim, so I filed a lawsuit to bring the case before a jury, if necessary. As is often the case, filing a lawsuit made the insurance company take another look at the claim under dispute. When they reviewed it with their attorneys and reconsidered the facts, they changed their decision and offered policy limits to our client. This compensation gave our client the means to pay for retraining in a new profession. Thanks to the representation of an experienced Personal Injury Attorney, our client was able to learn a new profession and continue to do what was most important to him – care for his family.

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