Auto Accident Attorney Settles Bend Collision Claim

Our client was stopped at a red light near a large shopping center in Bend, Oregon. While she was waiting for the light to change, another car drove up behind her and the driver failed to stop, rear-ending our client. Oregon Auto Car Accident Attorneys, Accident Attorney Oregon | Dwyer Williams Cherkoss PC | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys It also caused her to hit the car in front of her. She was injured in the double impact and sought medical treatment.

Although she was injured, she could not take the substantial time off of work that her doctors recommended for a complete recovery. When she filed a claim for the treatment that the did receive, the insurance company refused, arguing that if her injuries were as serious as she had claimed, she would have received more medical treatment. Concerned that she’d be stuck with a medical bill she couldn’t afford, she called one of our expert auto accident attorneys.

After taking her case, I first evaluated her claim, placing a fair value on it so I would have a baseline for negotiations. This done, I opened negotiations with the insurance company. I explained to them that our client was in a tough situation: if she treated as completely as she should have, she risked losing her job. In that case, she would have had a substantial wage claim. Or, she could do what she did, which is get as much medical treatment as she could without risking losing her job. She struck the best balance she could – actually saving the insurance company money, a point I made sure they understood.

After several rounds of intense negotiation, the insurance company offered a fair amount within the range I had established before negotations. Our client accepted the offer and was very happy that she had secured the representation of an auto accident attorney.

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