Supporting Those Affected by Oregon Wildfires

Supporting Those Affected by Oregon Wildfires On behalf of our entire firm Our hearts are with all our fellow Oregonians impacted by these unprecedented and devastating wildfires. While we generally do not handle fire loss cases, in the interest of helping the communities we know and love, we are posting a link to emergent resources … Read More

Do You Know The Signs And Symptoms Of Shock After A Car Accident?

Do You Know The Signs And Symptoms Of Shock After A Car Accident? We all know that car accidents can cause some very serious injuries. One of the injuries that doesn’t get talked about very much is shock. Shock is a type of delayed injury that can lead to some very serious consequences to your … Read More

Can A Brain Injury Occur Without Loss of Consciousness?

Can A Brain Injury Occur Without Loss of Consciousness? This a common question that we often get asked here at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Personal Injury Attorneys. A client will come into our office and ask us: “Can a person sustain a brain injury without the loss of consciousness?” While some medical professionals will tell you … Read More

Why Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer Immediately After an Accident is Important

Oregon Trucking Accident We often deal with a large number of trucking accidents. These are cases involving big rigs and 18-wheelers throughout the state of Oregon — usually on the main freeways where truckers frequent most. As you can imagine, accidents that involve trucks and pedestrians in smaller vehicles can be quite catastrophic. These cases … Read More

Traumatic Brain Injury And The Value Of Your Personal Injury Case in Oregon

The Value Of Your Personal Injury Case in Oregon When it comes to Personal Injury Cases in Oregon, there are various ways accidents and injuries take place. Certainly nobody wants to be injured, but when it involves car accidents, falls or physical assaults, it is almost inevitable. The value of each case is dependent on a … Read More

Hazardous Material (Hazmat) Truck Accident Claims

Accidents Caused by Trucks Carrying Hazardous Materials Tractor-trailer trucking accidents can surprise many with the variety of ways in which they can cause injury.  Because of the relative difference in weight as between a semi truck and a standard vehicle, semi accidents are much more likely to injure people for life or otherwise kill them … Read More

Average Settlement Value of a Truck Accident Injury Case

What is the Average Settlement of a Semi-Truck Accident Case? Big rigs are much larger and heavier than regular motor vehicles.  Because of this significant height and weight difference, when a semi-truck is involved in an accident with a passenger car, the outcome can devastating. Most regular size vehicles don’t stand a chance when they are hit … Read More

What Would an Oregon Attorney Recommend Doing After a Truck Accident?

What to Do if You Are Injured in a Truck Accident A semi-truck accident can change your life.  Although truck accidents are extremely stressful and often traumatic, the things that you do right after the crash can significantly affect your case.  At Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC, our Oregon semi-truck accident attorneys recommend that you … Read More

$185,000 Semi-truck Collision Settlement in Eugene Oregon

Our client was a passenger in a car that was driving on Interstate 5 near Eugene, Oregon.  The rain that day was heavy, and as a result, traffic had slowed to a near stop due to reduced visibility ahead.  After our client’s car had slowed almost to a standstill in traffic, a semi-truck hit them … Read More

What You Need to Know About Semi Truck Blind Spots

Many people believe that semi-truck drivers are bullies who hog the road. While that sometimes may be the case, the truth is that there are large blind spots in front, on both sides and behind a tractor-trailer. Because of these blind spots, the driver may not be able to see you, and as a result, … Read More