Another Success Story – Oregon Pedestrian Accident

Our client was walking in a crosswalk in a department store parking lot, on her way to do some shopping. When she was halfway through a crosswalk, a motorist struck her, causing significant injuries. The motorist told the investigating officer that he became distracted by couple who were arguing. As he watched the couple argue, … Read More

Grocery Store Landscaping Created a Risk of Harm

Our client was leaving a grocery store when she tripped on several small landscaping rocks that ended up on the sidewalk.  The rocks were flat and blended in so that she did not see them.  The fall resulted in our client’s elbow being broken. The grocery store’s insurance company denied liability. The denial was based … Read More

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Accident Investigation Results in Settlement

A Dwyer Williams Cherkoss client was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by a friend. Another motorist, traveling from the opposite direction, veered into their lane of travel, causing a head on collision.  Our client was seriously injured and was transported to a local hospital. The other motorists initially claimed that the accident was … Read More

Injured Tries to Settle Own Case, Laughed at By Insurance Adjuster

Our client was stopped behind a line of traffic.  While he was waiting for traffic to clear, another motorist rear-ended his truck. He felt immediate pain and sought medical attention for his injuries. After our client completed treatment for all his injuries, he attempted to settle the case on his own.  The insurance adjuster offered … Read More

$100,000 Auto Accident Tendon Injury and Lost Wage Award

Our client was driving along a Central Oregon highway when a second motorist pulled into her lane without first making sure that it was clear. That motorist struck our client’s car, causing substantial property damage. Our client’s most significant injuries were a torn tendon in her right ankle that required surgery and a partially torn … Read More

Abdominal Gunshot Wound Injury – $100,000

A motorist in our client’s neighborhood habitually sped through the streets. Our client became increasingly concerned for the safety of the children who play in the area. He walked over to the speeder’s apartment to discuss these concerns and a man answered the door with a gun in his hand. This man shot our client … Read More