What to do After a Motorcycle Accident in Oregon

Insurance Claims in OregonThere are many issues arising from motorcycle wrecks. The motorcycle most likely sustained significant damage. A rider and passenger (if any) are also likely to have sustained significant injuries. If that’s the case, there will be medical bills and possibly  lost wages, as a direct result of the wreck. This is a … Read More

What Should You Do if You Are Involved in a DUII Automobile Crash

What to Do If You Become The Victim of a Drunk Driving AccidentBeing in an automobile accident can be a traumatic experience in and of itself. There is property damage, pain, lost wages, medical bills, and other issues that will need to be addressed. If you are involved in a crash, either as a driver, … Read More

4 Tips for Getting a Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Oregon

Motorcycle crashes are some of the worst kinds of wrecks because they so often result in serious injuries, ranging from broken bones and spinal cord injuries to traumatic brain injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely to perish in motor vehicle crashes and five times as likely … Read More

Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use With Personal Injury Claims

DEALING WITH INSURANCE ADJUSTERS Insurance adjusters are trained to do a job for their company and follow procedures designed to protect the insurance company and serve it’s best interests. While insurance adjusters may actually want to settle a claim fairly, the procedures that they must follow are designed to tip the scales in favor of … Read More

What To Do When The Adjuster Won’t Return Your Calls After An Accident

Insurance Adjuster Won’t Return Your Calls? Here’s WhyWe get a quite a few calls from folks with complaints about insurance company adjusters. The number one complaint involves not being able to get a return call from these adjusters. Many people do not want to hassle with the insurance claim and simply want some recognition that … Read More