5 Tips for Choosing The Best Car Accident Attorney in Oregon

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Finding a Car Accident Attorney in Oregon

When you enquire from friends and family about who might be the best car accident lawyer in Oregon, you are likely to get different recommendations from them.

This comes as no surprise, considering the large number of attorneys who are accepting accident cases in Oregon. However, not every attorney is equally competent to get the best results for their clients.

It is important to know the attributes you should look for in a lawyer. Time is of the essence in car accident lawsuits, and you will be required to make a decision rather soon after an unfortunate personal injury occurs.

One of the most obvious factors to consider is whether the legal professional has past experience in representing clients who have been in a similar situation as yours. Another critical consideration is trust. Then there are other specific details you will need to factor in while choosing an Oregon car crash attorney.

Best Car Accident Attorney in Oregon

Here are 5 things that could help you identify and retain the best car accident lawyer in Oregon:

1. Ask relevant questions during your free consultation

Consider all pertinent questions while researching for a helpful auto accident attorney in Oregon. It is best to walk in armed to the interview with a written questionnaire so that you do not skip anything critical.

  • Experience with car accident cases?
  • Any previous experience with a case similar to yours?
  • When did they last represent someone in a car accident case?
  • Will your case be handled personally by the attorney?
  • Are they available for questions and advice as needed?
  • Any previous client testimonials which you can review?
  • What is their fee policy including retainer fee?

2. Avoid an attorney who plays both sides

There are a number of car accident attorneys who provide their services as defense lawyers to companies against claims from injury victims. Corporate clients often pay more money and this makes sense, strictly from a business perspective.

However, ideally a lawyer should truly believe in what they are doing. If they are representing an injured victim, then they need to take a strong stand in their favor and provide a vigorous legal representation.

Attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss work only on behalf of the injured victims in car accident cases in Oregon – and we believe that it gives us the added edge to deliver better results for our clients.

3. Check out the attorney’s trial record

Lawyers may sometimes talk about the number of cases they have represented or the years of experience they have, but skip any mention of their success rate. You should look for “results” by way of settlement amounts or number of court wins in an auto accident law firm’s track record.

Your attorney should have the statistics and real figures for the kind of settlements and verdicts they have won for clients in the past. Make sure that they have achieved substantial success in cases similar to yours.

4. Does the lawyer sound like they care about your car accident case?

Some people are truly passionate about helping others – and are driven by that motive when they enter the legal profession. You should preferably retain the services such an attorney.

During the initial consultation, ask these questions: What’s your gut saying about the lawyer? Is the attorney even listening? Do they seem to care about your problem? Do you feel confident in their ability to represent you?

These candid questions will tell you more than any other factor about how sincerely an attorney might fight for you.

5. Ask for their fee structure and understand it carefully

Car accident attorneys have the freedom to create their own fee structure and they can adjust it as per the individual case. Discuss the fee structure in detail while meeting with potential attorneys. Ask them to explain both hourly and contingency rates.

Contingency fee arrangement is usually better because the attorney will not get paid unless they win you money in settlement.

This means that there is no cost to you if they fail to win in the end and do not get any money. This arrangement serves as a strong incentive to an attorney to focus on your case and ensure a favorable outcome.

Car accidents can be traumatizing enough without an attorney to add to the burden. Find an attorney you can trust to work hard and fight for your rights. Also, be prepared to cooperate with them in every possible way.

Remember that you are not alone in your legal fight, and with an experienced personal injury attorney on your side, you can make your situation easier. An accomplished car accident lawyer can be your best asset in a car accident case in Oregon.

Lawyer vs. No Lawyer

Weighing the benefits of filing a claim yourself versus hiring legal representation is an important decision. Making a personal injury claim is always serious business. The goal should be to build a credible, winnable case and then pursue it with full commitment, and not half-heartedly.

You can alleviate your stress of dealing with the opponent’s lawyers, insurance companies, collecting evidence, and arranging documentation by having a concrete, motivated, and noteable attorney on your side.

If you decide to choose an attorney, then make sure it is someone that has years of experience, who can navigate the system easily and is well-versed in dealing with similar cases. Your first instinct may be to avoid hiring a legal counselor. However, their benefits will far outweigh any other consideration down the line.

You Don’t Need to be Rich to Hire the Best Attorney

Cost is an important aspect to consider while hiring a car accident attorney in Oregon. People often worry that a good car accident car lawyer will charge exorbitant hourly rates, and only a rich person can afford to hire their services. Thankfully, that is not correct. In fact, it could not be farther from the truth.

An attorney charging a car accident victim by the hour is not a good idea. In such case, the lawyer would get paid whether or not they win any money for the victim. This is not a healthy arrangement so far as car accident cases are concerned in Oregon.

A dedicated car accident lawyer in Oregon will charge a contingency fee. Contingency means that the attorney gets a percentage of what they win for you – but you keep the major portion by a long shot. You do not owe anything to the lawyer if you don’t recover any money at all.

This is the best practice which you should look for in a car accident lawyer.

Talk to the Best Car Accident Lawyers in Oregon – for Free

Dwyer Williams Cherkoss in Oregon checks all of the boxes above. We have some of the best car accident lawyers in Oregon, and our track record of success in recovering substantial damages for our personal injury clients speaks for itself.

Get in touch with our cordial and reliable attorneys to discuss your case. You owe us nothing until we come out on top via securing a settlement for you or win in court. Schedule a free consultation today by calling us at 1-800-285-8678.

What is your side of the story? And don’t sign any paper work with the insurance company until you have called us. Don’t sell yourself short!