$450,000 Workplace Injury – Unsafe Premises

Our client was a plumber hired to work on a large hospital remodeling project.  Unbeknownst to him, a wooden ramp at the job site had been broken and the general contractor inadequately repaired it.  This improper repair allowed the ramp able to suddenly “spring up” when more than one person was using it, and without notice – like a teeter-totter.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened when our client was following his coworkers into the job site: the end of the wooden ramp lifted off of the ground and hit our client on his lower leg.  This, in turn, caused him to fall forward, injuring his shoulder and knee.  Both injuries required surgery and our client’s medical bills ultimately exceeded $186,000.

Initially, the general contractor denied liability and blamed our client for his injuries.  The injured party then hired the experienced and compassionate personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC to help him out.  We filed suit alleging negligence, unsafe premises, breach of Employer Liability Law, and breach of the Oregon Safe Employment Act.

Discovery revealed that the general contractor had not only inadequately repaired the broken ramp, but that its own investigation determined that the repair was inadequate and unsafe.  Our client’s case was complicated by a number of prior injuries, ongoing knee and shoulder problems, as well as an unrelated but severe medical condition.  Ultimately, we were able to settle the case at mediation for $450,000. We were further able to reduce many of the liens, netting our client more money in his pocket.

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