$100,000 Auto Accident Tendon Injury and Lost Wage Award

Our client was driving along a Central Oregon highway when a second motorist pulled into her lane without first making sure that it was clear. That motorist struck our client’s car, causing substantial property damage. Our client’s most significant injuries were a torn tendon in her right ankle that required surgery and a partially torn tendon in her left wrist. Due to her ankle and wrist injuries, our client was unable to resume work immediately following the accident.

Our client was trying to recover from her accident and was having difficulties understanding the insurance process. She was unsure if her medical bills were being paid and she was anxious because she was not being paid for the work she was missing. She hired the experienced personal and auto accident injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Cherkoss Attorneys, PC to represent her in this confusing matter.

We helped our client fill out the necessary insurance paperwork to ensure that her medical bills were being paid. We also helped her to recovery lost wage payments from her insurance company while she was recuperating from her accident-related tendon injuries.

At the conclusion of the case, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier offered its full policy limits of $100,000 to resolve the claim. However, our client’s insurer believed that it was entitled to reimbursement for medical payments and wage loss. We argued that it was not entitled to this money because it failed to perfect its lien under Oregon law and because our client would not be made whole if her insurer were to take a large percentage of the settlement. The insurer ultimately relented and waived its lien, leaving our client with the full $100,000 settlement.

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