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Fair Settlement for Workplace Slip and Fall Accident Victim

Our client in this Oregon slip and fall case was injured while on the job.  He was employed at a store where he stocked shelves and put recent deliveries in the stock room.  On the day of his accident, our client had started work on time and his initial job was to move cartons of bottled liquids from the delivery area to the stock room.  As he lifted a carton and started walking, the soggy bottom of the carton gave way, causing half gallon bottles to fall to the floor, break, and spill their contents all over.  The liquid and glass on the floor caused our client to slip and fall.

Oregon Slip, Trip and Fall AttorneysAs our client fell, he instinctively extended his arm to break his impact with the floor.  When the inevitable moment of impact arrived, his hand landed on a large piece of glass that severed a tendon in one of his fingers.  Our client picked himself up from this fall and went directly to the emergency room, where he underwent surgery to repair the tendon.  The emergency physicians treating him recommended rehabilitation consisting of physical therapy to regain movement in his finger.

Upon investigation it was immediately clear that the cartons had become wet from a leak in the semi truck that transported them.  Our client had not been advised that the cartons were wet when they were dropped off and left in his care.  The freight company initially denied liability, claiming that it was normal for trailers to leak in Oregon during cold winter months.  It also claimed that store employees were aware that cartons often arrived wet.

Our client hired the experienced and caring premises liability attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke to help him in this messy workplace slip and fall case. We demonstrated to the freight company that it is not “normal” for the inside of trailers to be wet during Oregon winters.  We showed that the driver never notified any store employees that the cartons were wet at the time of delivery.  This information was not written on the delivery invoice and had not been communicated orally when the driver stacked the cartons after taking them out of his truck.

With this information, the freight company conceded liability for the injuries sustained by our client.  In spite of the hurdles in this case, we were able to obtain a fair settlement that included paying our client’s medical providers and compensating him for his pain and suffering.

Insurer Settles with Oregon Woman Injured in Slip and Fall Accident

Dwyer Williams Dretke Personal Injury Attorneys just settled a premises liability case on behalf of a young woman who was injured in a slip and fall accident several months ago.  The details of this case are as follows.

Medford Oregon Premises Liability Attorneys | Oregon Premises Liability Attorneys | Oregon Slip and Fall Injury AttorneysOur Oregonian client was taking an early morning walk on her way to meet a friend for coffee when she suddenly tripped and fell into an unmarked, gaping hole in the sidewalk.  As she would later learn, on the previous day a car had driven into a pole at that very location, knocking it over and leaving a sizable hole in the sidewalk.

The local power company failed to finish repairing the downed power line and it left the site unmarked and openly dangerous to pedestrians.  Before consulting her lawyer, our client made an official statement to the power company’s claims representative describing the accident. Shortly thereafter, she completed treatment for her accident-related injuries and retained the compassionate Oregon slip and fall attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC to help her recover in this Oregon slip and fall case.

Once we had reviewed our client’s claim, we began negotiating with the power company’s insurance company.  The claims adjuster attempted to escape responsibility for our client’s extensive injuries by using her prior statement. After several rounds of negotiation, our experienced Oregon premises liability attorneys convinced the power company that it was largely responsible for failing to make the accident site safe for pedestrians walking along the street.  At the end of the day, our client’s claim settled for a generous amount that she was happy with and that covered her accident-related medical expenses.

Large Winter Weather Slip and Fall Settlement Obtained for Central Oregon Woman

It had been snowing on and off for several days at the time of this Central Oregon slip and fall incident. Our client had just returned home to her Bend, Oregon, apartment complex after a day at work.  She was walking along an outdoor pathway from the parking lot to her building when things got messy. Quite unfortunately for our client, the apartment complex’s management had decided not to sand or put deicer on the pathway along which she was walking, leaving it slippery very difficult to navigate.  To make matters worse, fresh snow had fallen on the pathway obscuring the treacherous black ice that lay beneath.

Our client walked toward her apartment exercising care, but her foot slid on a patch of snow-covered ice and she fell into her stairway head-first.  Her two front teeth were knocked out and she received a deep laceration on her upper lip.

This client made contact with the apartment comlex’s insurance company immediately following her acident.  The insurer agreed to pay for her accident-related medical expenses, but it never did.  When she couldn’t get the insurance company to live up to its word, she hired the experienced premises liability injury attorneys at Dwyer Williams Dretke to represent her and to secure her medical reimbusement.

Once hired as her lawyers, we immediately went to work contacting and negotiating with the insurance adjuster.  We faxed over copies of the bills that needed to be paid along with the anticipated cost of future medical care that our client would need based on injuries that she sustained in this slip and fall accident.

After several rounds of negotiation, all of our client’s bills had been paid in full and we were able to secure her a settlemtent that fully compensated her for her pain and suffering as well as for the future cost of her medical care.  Our client was happy with the ultimate outcome in this matter.  Additionally, she informed our personal injury law firm that the apartment complex’s management now routinely puts sand and deicer down along all of the complex’s pathways during wintertime to avoid further slip and fall accidents like this one.

Premises liability is that area of personal injury law which concerns landowner liability for accidents and injuries that occur on their premises.  In the state of Oregon, landowners have responsibilities to members of the public who come upon their land.  These responsibilities differ depending on the kind of visitor you are on their premises: an invitee, a licensee, or a trespasser.  Premises liability is a complex and nuanced area of personal injury law, so if you or someone you love has been injured in a slip and fall accident, you should contact an experienced and competent premises liability attorney at once.  The lawyers at Dwyer Williams Dretke PC can help you develop and present your premises liability personal injury claims and to maximize the settlement that you are offered after being injured in a slip and fall injury.  Contact us today – we can help you.

No Trip Ups in Settling Slip & Fall Claim

It was early winter, and our client stopped at Big R in Redmond, Oregon while running errands. On his way into the store, he noticed a new display of snow blowers outside the door. Premises Liability – Oregon Slip, Trip and Fall Attorneys | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys Thinking that he could perhaps use a new snow blower, he moved toward the display to get a better look. His foot landed on a hard-to-see icy patch on the walkway and he fell awkwardly, pulling his groin and hurting his lower back.

Our client had to seek medical care and he missed work while recovering from his injuries. He wanted the store to accept liability for the unsafe conditions, and he sought the representation of an Oregon premises liability attorney.

Upon taking his case, I requested a copy of his medical records and reviewed the statement he had made to the insurance adjuster after the accident. I was also able to review photos of the scene of the accident. I met with the client and gave him a fair evaluation of his case. Then, I submitted the documents supporting his claim to the insurance company.

After reviewing our documentation, the insurance company opened negotiations. We had several intense rounds of negotiation, and I was able to secure a fair settlement offer for our client that included coverage of his medical expenses, reimbursement of his lost wages, and compensation for his pain and suffering. With an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney on his side, our client was able to resolve his claim favorably and get back to his normal life.

Young Client Gets Excellent Settlement in Premises Liability Injury

Our client, a three-year old boy, was at a Portland, Oregon clothing store with his mother. Soon after arriving at the store, he asked his mother if he could use the restroom. He was following her to the restroom when he bumped into a fire extinguisher that was hanging on the wall. Premises Liability – Oregon Slip, Trip and Fall Attorneys | Oregon Personal Injury Attorneys The eighteen-pound extinguisher, which was attached to the wall with only a regular wall hanger, fell, catching our client’s arm on the way down and nearly amputating his little fingers when it hit the ground.

After this terrifying accident, our client’s mother filed a claim with the store. They denied liability, on the basis of the statements of two employees who claimed that our client was running about wildly and that the mother should have been watching her son more closely. They also argued that the fire extinguisher was properly attached to the wall. If the client’s mother had been terrified by the accident, now she was angry and frustrated with the store for denying her son’s claim in this premises liability accident. She contacted us for help in settling the claim.

Because the clothing store denied liability, I filed a lawsuit and moved the case into litigation so we could fight their denial and get justice for our young client. I called in a fire safety expert who was able to confirm that the fire extinguisher was not properly attached to the wall – in fact, the way it was installed was a blatant violation of Oregon’s fire code. I didn’t stop there, though. I also deposed two former managers from the store who testified that the fire extinguisher had fallen before, and they had both suggested securing it in a properly mounted glass cabinet to avoid just such an accident as befell our client.

When I presented the former manager’s testimonies and the fire safety expert’s opinion, the clothing store changed their tune and agreed to mediate the case. I was able to negotiate an excellent settlement for our client, sparing the already stressed family a jury trial. The money won in the settlement was placed in a trust for our client’s future medical care and college expenses.

With the help of an expert personal injury attorney, our client and his family were able to recover medical expenses and get the settlement they deserved. If you’re in a similiar situation, we can help. One of our expert Personal Injury Attorneys will be happy to discuss your Oregon Personal Injury case with you. Call us now: 541-617-0555