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nursing home abuse attorney in Medford ORAbuse of the elderly in American nursing homes, assisted living centers, and other such specialized elder care facilities is a growing problem, particularly as a large portion of the American population is now entering their elder years. As many as one in three such elder care facilities across the United States experience one or more instances of reported elder abuse each year, with many more cases potentially going unreported – even unrecognized, by those who are supposed to be keeping a watchful eye on your loved ones.  Any of the following circumstances should be considered reason to find a good nursing home abuse lawyer.


Neglect is a form of abuse in itself when it comes to individuals who are unable to fend for their own basic needs. Neglect might involve failing to properly feed, bathe, medicate, or otherwise care for an elder resident of a nursing home, hospice, or assisted living facility; it might also involve someone with responsibilities for oversight choosing to overlook the possibility of abuse in lieu of confronting and facing a dangerous and disturbing problem.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is one of the most common forms of abuse perpetuated against the elderly residents of assisted living centers and nursing homes across the United States. Such individuals have little by way of means to defend themselves, and they are often left in a state of confusion and frustration at their own helplessness – a state which leaves them unable or unwilling to recognize abuse. This is made worse by the statistical likelihood of such abuse occurring at the hands of a family member.

Financial Abuse

Financial abuse happens when somebody who is looking to steal money, whether directly or by stealing an unwary victim’s identity, targets the elderly – for a wide variety of reasons. Elderly residents of nursing homes often have sizable amounts of savings and investments. They are often not in direct control over their estates, and they may not be aware of a problem until it is far too late. They make the ideal victims for an unscrupulous sneak thief or con artist who doesn’t feel any concern for the individuals whose lives he or she is ruining. This, again, is all too often a member of an elderly victim’s family – someone with immediate access to the individual being victimized, whose presence would not raise any inherent red flags.

Don’t let someone close to you remain a victim, once a problem has come to light! Your loved ones deserve the peace of mind that comes with a comfortable and supportive elder care living situation, coupled with the financial means to attend to all of their medical bills and to compensate them for any pain and suffering they have endured. Dwyer Williams Dretke, PC offers a substantial legal team with a combination of more than 100 years’ worth of experience in fighting for our clients’ basic and fundamental rights in court. We’ve worked out of the greater Medford, OR area for years; we care about the community, and we offer a practice that spans a large portion of northern Oregon as well, providing legal services to those who have been injured due to the neglect or oversight of individuals other than themselves. Call us today, or stop in at our Medford offices for a free consultation.

Here is a great resource for finding a nursing home in Medford.  Senior Advisor provides in depth information on home in your local area including reviews from residents and their families.

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